At Tulip, we strive for perfection in everything we do.
    Tulip offers the most complete line of plastic battery components.
    Tulip utilizes cold form technology with our patented SuperLock design
    to manufacture terminals that do not require a secondary coating.
    Tulip breaks ground on a new modern Niagara Falls facility.
    Tulip's lab is calibrated to ATSM standards.

From battery components to molded containers to engineered resins, the applications of Tulip are wide-ranging and diverse

Tulip's Products...

Battery Components

Tulip offers the most complete line of SLI, truck and bus, and special application battery containers, covers and vents in the industry. Our cold-formed lead terminals provide value-added superior performance.

Contract / Custom Molding

Tulip manufactures containers for a diverse range of industries, including automotive, battery, lawn and garden, furniture, defense, ordinance, sporting goods, appliances, beverage, environmental and others.

Engineered Resins

Tulip offers an innovative line of premium-quality thermoplastic resins developed and tested at our own advanced laboratories. Custom resins can be developed to meet a customer's specific application.

Lead (Pb) Products

Tulip has almost 25 years of experience in cold form lead molding. Our cold-formed lead terminals have zero porosity which eliminates spitting during post burning and provides a uniform density to the final product.

Processes and Services

Tulip's heat plate welding produces strong welds across many types of thermoplastic parts. We offer both high and low temperature welding services.
Tulip's ultrasonic welding capabilities allow us to effectively weld rigid plastics including those of dissimilar types quickly and without adhesives.
Tulip offers a full range of assembly services to ensure your part is properly put together. Large or small run, we get the job done.
Tulip features a wide range of decorative services including silk screening, spray painting, pad printing and more.
Tulip has the technology to extrude a variety of sizes and shapes of wire. We specialize in lead wire, and have the ability to extrude other material compositions as requested.
Tulip has years of experience in design, tooling and processing solutions for your metal to plastic insert molding needs.